Trump and the Normalization of Hate

I recently published an article in the Huffington Post about the role Donald Trump has played in making hate, bigotry, and discrimination more acceptable in political discourse.

I was inspired to write this post after a couple of events: 1) As I detail in the article, someone I work with and am close to was recently the victim of gay bashing after he went on a popular TV show to talk about his support of Hillary Clinton; 2) I spent a recent weekend with two women who are very good friends of mine and who just got engaged. We celebrated their engagement at Gay Pride in Long Beach, CA (see pic below).

Both events took place in the same period of time- the gay bashing of my co-worker occurred just a day before I flew down to Long Beach to celebrate the engagement and partake in Gay Pride. I was struck by the irony: although we have come so far in some ways toward respect for the human dignity of all people, in other ways we are light years from where we should be. It is so important that we work against candidates and politicians like Trump who feed on anger and frustration and encourage acts of hate and discrimination.

Read the article here.

Me celebrating at Gay Pride Long Beach!
Me celebrating at Gay Pride Long Beach!

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