Welcome to Women Want To Be On Top! This blog includes my writing about a variety of topics, including politics and feminism. I write frequently about the barriers that preclude women from advancing in both politics and business and what we as a society can do to propel women forward.

About Me:
My name is Brittany Stalsburg and I am an “older” Millennial living and working in the Connecticut/NYC area. I work in the public opinion research & strategy industry where my clients include brands, nonprofits, think tanks, and government agencies. I recently started my own research/communications practice, a certified woman-owned small business in the state of Connecticut, BLS Research & Consulting LLC.

I live in Connecticut with my husband and our starter child, Candy the Cat. We just completed a 6-month around-the-world journey where I conducted over 40 interviews and ethnographies with women in 20 different countries.

I have a PhD in political science with a concentration in Women & Politics.

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Photo credit: Kelly B. Stalsburg