BLS Research & Consulting

In addition to the work I do as a freelance writer, I also help organizations and companies tell their stories and communicate with their target audiences.

After several years of conducting and managing research at top national consulting firms, I founded my own research & strategy practice, BLS Research & Consulting LLC. Based in Connecticut, BLS Research & Consulting is a certified woman-owned small business. My team and I conduct research (both qualitative & quantitative) to generate actionable insights that inform our clients’ strategies.

Examples of service offerings include the following:
-Literature reviews/background research
-In-depth interviews
-Focus groups
-Report writing
-Project management

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Case Studies

BLS Research & Consulting is proud to be the pollster for Connecticut’s Campaign for Paid Family Leave. The Campaign commissioned a poll of 243 small business owners in Connecticut. We found that 77% of SBOs support the paid family leave legislation and understand that such policies make good business sense.

One of my major clients is the New York City Department of Mental Health & Hygiene. My team at Whitman Insight Strategies and I have helped the DOH understand how to communicate to a variety of populations in New York City, including daily heroin users, transgender sex workers, Medicaid recipients, West Africans, HIV-positive individuals, and pregnant women. We have also conducted dozens of groups among medical professionals, including physicians, specialty doctors, and mid-level providers, like nurses, PAs, and midwives.


In the summer of 2015, I conducted focus groups among doctors and pregnant women to understand attitudes toward the Tdap vaccine, an immunization recommended for pregnant women that helps prevent whooping cough. We presented our findings and recommendations to the National Adult Immunization Coordinators’ Partnership, and a copy of our report is available here.


I also led research on behalf of the Federal Voting Assistance Program, a government agency that works to ensure military members, their families, and U.S. citizens living overseas are able to exercise their right to vote. We conducted qualitative research among military leadership and personnel, military family members, and U.S. civilians living overseas to understand the barriers to voting absentee. We recommended strategies for eliminating those barriers ensuring that all Americans–regardless of where they are in the world–can have their voice heard in the electoral process. Read the full report here.


Creating workplace rules that make it possible for employees, especially women, to take care of their families is central to women making it to the top. My work on behalf of the Make It Work campaign explored voter attitudes toward these rules and assessed support for policy proposals like equal pay and paid sick days. I was also part of the team that helped Make It Work find the most effective ways to communicate about these issues and motivate voters to take action.


I am very proud of the work I did on immigration reform, including how to motivate women to care about and act on the issues. I was a part of a research project that tested messaging among women on behalf of the We Belong Together campaign. My team won a Pollie Award for the web video that came out of this project. You can read our findings memo here.


On behalf of the Brennan Center, I have conducted research around messaging that persuades Americans to support democratic reform measures, like campaign finance reform. I was invited to speak in Buffalo, New York, with State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli about the money in politics issue and how we can restore democracy so that elections are of, by, and for the people. You can read about the panel and see links to polling on the money in politics issue here.


Me with the other presenters, including New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli, at the Brennan Center's Small Dollar Democracy event
Me with the other presenters, including New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli, at the Brennan Center’s Small Dollar Democracy event